• to enlighten you against the wiles of the devil against your marriage.
  • to provoke you to fight for your marriage and recover it in the name of Jesus

For the bed is too short to stretch out on, And the covering so narrow that one cannot wrap himself in it.

Isa 28:20

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; Because you
have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children

Hos 4:6

Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.

Mark 10:9

We have been opportune to interview many women who are victims of broken marriages concerning their dreams.
Virtually all of them have regretted not dealing with the dreams attacks that they had before started having challenges in their marriage.
My prayer is that you will not lose before you learn in the name of Jesus.

If you experience some of the under mentioned dreams, get ready to deal with the spiritual enemies of your marriage through these acidic prayers.

Dream Cases

  • Dream of living in a house with a removed roof.
  • Dream of losing your shoes as a woman.
  • Dream of looking for your wedding gown or ring.
  • Dream of traveling with your spouse then suddenly, you are looking for him or her.
  • Dream of fighting with another man or woman in your bedroom.
  • Dream of another man or woman sleeping with you on your matrimonial bed.
  • Dreamt that you packed your load away from your matrimonial home.
  • Dreamt that a whirl-wind took away your headgear.
  • Dreamt that another woman was spoon-feeding your husband in your dream.
  • Dreamt that a river separated you from your spouse. You try calling at the other bank but your partner could not hear you.
  • You are married yet you saw yourself doing a wedding with another strange person in your dream.
  • Dreamt that your spouse wanted to kill you with a knife or a dangerous object.
  • Dreamt that your spouse is having the image of a monster, very terrifying.
  • See yourself breastfeeding strange children in your dream.
  • Always dreaming of strange people warning and fighting you because of your spouse with a threat to kill you.

Case 1

A young wife had a dream that she was looking for her wedding gown, but she saw it in the dustbin. She woke up and did not tell anyone or do anything spiritual to counter the dream. Exactly 3 months after this dream, the husband packed out of their matrimonial home!

I Prophesy

Every wicked power from the pit of hell scheming to scatter your marriage is scattered now in Jesus name.

Case 2

A woman lamented, that before she lost her loving husband to another woman, she use to have a dream where she would fight with a fair in complexion women, who was always sleeping in between her and her husband on their matrimonial bed in the dream. She later found out that her husband was keeping another home in another state with another woman (actually fair in complexion).

I Prophesy

Every wicked plan from the pit of hell designed to steal your husband’s heart shall fail in the name of Jesus

Case 3

A lady lost her marriage through mysterious, circumstances to the husband’s secretary, who by any standard was not in her class. Her husband hated the ground she stepped on! After much prayers of deliverance, the same husband suddenly called her on phone to come and collect the school fees of their children whom he abandoned for 3 years. This lady went to her husband’s office, and she told us excitedly like a newly wedded wife that the husband made love to her in his office. Then after the session exclaimed “Have you done deliverance? Because I use to see the image of a monster anytime I wanted to have fun with you in those days. This man was not even a believer!

I Prophesy

  • Every image used to scare away your spouse shall catch fire now in Jesus name.
  • Wicked powers projecting your image in a negative way shall perish in the name of Jesus

Say after me:

  • O Lord scatter every evil gang up against my marriage in Jesus name.
  • Let every witchcraft coven where my marriage is being judged receive the thunder fire of God in Jesus name.
  • Every Satanic scheme to destroy my marriage fails woefully in the name of Jesus.
  • I command every spiritual marriage contending with my marriage to scatter by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every arrow of divorce fired into my heart and my marriage jumps out now by fire in Jesus name.
  • I command every wicked evil marriage breakers hired to curse my marriage to die suddenly by fire in Jesus name.
  • O Lord let every manipulation against my marriage be destroyed in Jesus name.
  • I command every strange fire kindled against my marriage to be doused in the name of Jesus.
  • Every power of candle and incense used to chain my spouse to another person be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every power projecting evil images against me to cause disaffection to be paralyzed in Jesus name.
  • Where ever my name is being called for evil O Lord answer by fire in Jesus name.
  • Let every evil summon to judge me and my marriage backfire in Jesus name.
  • I command every witchcraft pot of divorce being prepared for me to catch fire in Jesus name.
  • I refuse to destroy my home with my hands in Jesus name.

I Prophesy

  • Every man and woman who has vowed to put your marriage asunder shall be put asunder in Jesus name.
  • Every strange fire kindled anywhere on earth to bewitch your spouse is doused now in Jesus name.
  • Whatever the wicked have used the serpent to do against you and your spouse to cause enmity is neutralized by the blood of Jesus.
  • I command the earth to rebel against every evil done on you to scatter your marriage in Jesus name.
  • I invoke the Holy Ghost fire of renewal and revival to fall upon your marriage from today in Jesus name.
  • In the name of Jesus I rekindle the fire of first love that the enemy has quenched in my marriage.
  • I command the strongman sent to destroy your marriage to receive paralysis and die in Jesus name.

Jobless men/women and their common dreams.

Many sorrows shall be to the wicked:
but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.

Psalms 32:10

When a qualified, well-educated man/woman is unable to secure a good job or has problems retaining a good job, there is the likelihood that the following dreams are the normal occurrence in his life. When you are always disappointed at every job interview you are invited to, then check your dream life.

Dream Cases

  • Dream of falling from a ladder or from a great height.
  • Dream of traveling and vehicle having problems and thus unable to get to the destination.
  • Dream of harvesting pepper (Chili).
  • Dream of getting to T junction and being confused and stranded.
  • Dream of a door shutting or slamming against you.
  • Regular wet dreams.
  • Writing examination and failing in your dream.
  • Harvesting fruits in your dream that became rotten.
  • Given a cutlass in your dream that is dull and cannot clear your field.
  • When soldiers, police waylay you and prevent you from passing a particular road.
  • When cows, dogs, and wild animals pursue you in the dream.
  • When a masquerade pursues regularly in your dream.
  • Dream of seeing self inside rooms without doors and windows.
  • Seeing chains, padlock, handcuffs in your dream.
  • Being attacked by cobwebs both in the dream and real life.
  • Always packing snails or crab in your dream.
  • Always fighting unknown faces in your dream.
  • Being arrested by police in your dream.
  • When you eat and drink in your dream.
  • When you find yourself in a strange court being judged.
  • If you find yourself always clothed in dirty clothes or olden days attire in your dream.
  • You are looking for your certificate in the dream and you never found it until you woke up.
  • Traveling in your dream but you disembarked before you got to your destination and thus became stranded.
  • Wanted to climb a ladder but the ladder was discovered to be broken in your dream.
  • Find yourself completely naked in the dream.
  • Seeing a particular tree, river or shrine in your dream.
  • Seeing cooking pots, walking barefooted in your dream

Case 1

A brother was prayed for in our deliverance program. He came back to narrate his dreams. He saw a very old woman who had the semblance of his mother carrying a pot of pepper, going into the thick forest. She saw her stopped in front of a mysterious tree and she began to make incantations.
Finally, she said, this is the glory of … (she mentioned the name of her son) I have converted your glory to pepper, let the tree open, so that I can hide it inside. The brother stated that before his very eyes in his dream. The tree opened and this wicked woman hid the glory (pepper) inside the tree. Then he woke up. The Youngman was given another week to pray some acidic prayers. After about 6 months this man’s mother died mysteriously. Then doors began to open for the Youngman. As at the time of going to the press. This brother is a landlord praise the Lord Jesus!


Every leg fastened in a sure place against your progress shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus

Case 2

A contractor lamented bitterly that, he was not getting contracts any longer from the places where he had registered as a contractor. We asked him to tell us about his dream, experience. Then he said he noticed that for the past one year, whenever a contract was about sailing through, he would have sex in the dream and then the contract will fail to materialize! He was asked to pray against the powers that use the pleasure of sex to corner destiny and glory according to the order of Samson and Delilah. The testimony is that; one of his old friends called him on the phone and ask him to tender for a job in his own company. He got the contract and other doors began to open for him. Praise Master Jesus.


Every dream of sexual manipulations to steal your prospective blessings is terminated now in the name of Jesus.

Case 3

A sister called us on the phone and related her dreams. She was invited for an interview by the consular officer of an embassy. But the night before she would appear for the interview, she had a dream where she was writing examinations. She failed the examination in the dream. Unfortunately, rather than differ the interview for another day so as to pray, she went for the interview and was promptly refused the visa!


Wicked powers projecting against your destiny to bring you into disappointment is arrested now in the name of Jesus.

Case 4

A Young man well-read with a good master’s degree, suddenly discovered that is contemporaries were always ahead of him, to worsen his matter without any prior notice, he put in his resignation with his employers. After about 4 months his foolishness dawn on him. Prayers were made for him and he informed us that he normally sees himself putting on olden – days attire in his dream. This is the spirit of backwardness and stagnancy.
Deliverance prayers were made for him and the testimony is that he got a juicy job without writing any letter of employment! Jesus is Lord.


That spirit of demotion operating through dreams is arrested now in the name of Jesus.

Say after me

  • O Lord fight my battle to finish in the name of Jesus as Jehovah Sabaoth.
  • Every battle of my father’s house that has vowed that I will not excel die by fire in Jesus name.
  • O Lord let every spiritual limitation of siege and embargos placed upon my life be destroyed in Jesus name.
  • I command every anti-progress altars being erected against me to catch fire in Jesus name.
  • I command every hunter of my glory to die by fire in Jesus name.
  • O God, that answereth by fire, let the ladder of my glory be restored, as you restored that of Jacob at Bethel in Jesus name.
  • Every evil hand that has tampered with my glory, destiny, virtue, potential, and star, wither – off in Jesus name.
  • I command every demonic court where my glory is being judged to scatter by thunder in Jesus name.
  • By fire, let every spiritual filthy garment covering me be removed and catch fire according to the order of Hezekiah the Priest in Jesus name.
  • I command the arresters of my progress to be arrested and roasted by the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.


  • Your glory shall not be buried, receive the fire of resurrection, come alive now in Jesus name.
  • In the name of Jesus I disembark you from every spiritual fruitless journey.
  • I break every curse of vanity affecting your destiny in Jesus name.
  • Let the mighty hands of the Lord catapult you to the mountain of my testimonies in Jesus name.
  • I withdraw your certificate from witchcraft judgment and witchcraft prisons in Jesus name.
  • I command every power postponing the day of your joy to die by fire in Jesus name.
  • Every mouth that is cursing your blessings be silenced permanently in Jesus name.
  • Let the mercy of the Lord locate you and make way for you in the court of men in Jesus name.
  • Let the Lord ordain victory for your Jacob, let my victories and success begin to manifest by fire in Jesus name.
  • I command all demonic night caterers, who are feeding you I order to steal your blessings according to the order of Jacob and Saul, to be arrested and sentenced to death in Jesus name.
  • I call forth your job by fire according to the order of Lazarus and Jesus (21x) in Jesus name.

Barren and Pregnant women and their common dreams

Ps 22: God,
My God, why have You forsaken Me? Why are You so far from helping Me,And from the words of My groaning?

I Cor 10:21
Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than He?

Ps 74:20
Have respect to the covenant?.

Ps 27:1-2
The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked came
against me To eat up my flesh, My enemies and foes, They stumbled and fell.

Dream Cases

We have researched and have discovered that barren and pregnant women often experience the following kinds of Satanic dreams with attendant problems of miscarriages, stillbirth or loss of both mother and child.

  • Seeing a red object in the dream.
  • Bleeding or seeing menstruation in a dream.
  • Having sex with males and females in a dream.
  • Breastfeeding strange children.
  • Being fed in your dream by strange people.
  • Being pursued by masquerade or wild animals.
  • Dreaming of seeking boiling pot.
  • Seeing dead people and being abandoned in a graveyard.
  • Dream of someone snatching the baby.
  • Dreamt of seeing self on the operation table and baby is brought out of your womb and taken away.
  • Dream of innocent children crying for you to attend to them.
  • Seeing padlocks in a dream.
  • Seeing wasted or rotten fruits.
  • Dream of a wrapper being removed from you.

Case 1

A woman who just lost her pregnancy lamented and shared her pathetic story. She was 3 months pregnant, but the started having dreams that a
woman came to have sex with her, and it happened, three times within the space of 2 weeks. Shortly after, she had a painful miscarriage.


I command every fetal eating demons in your life to be arrested and destroyed in the name of Jesus

Case 2

A woman always experienced miscarriages anytime she saw a particular dream. As soon as her pregnancy is about 2 months old, she would have a
dream, where a bull will begin to pursue her, she will run in her dream and suddenly wake up to see herself bleeding profusely in real life. This experience continued for about 4 pregnancies until she was led to pray some acidic prayers as soon as she had another pregnancy. She prayed for the rock of ages to crush to powder every power behind her predicament. She had the dream, as usual, the bull pursued her but this time around, the
Rock of ages appeared and the bull hit the rock and die. The next morning, there was wailing in her compound, her neighbor the nurse, died overnight, and the children of the nurse claimed that she cried of severe headache before she died in her sleep!


I command the Rock of ages to move against every bull of Bashan

Case 3

A young wife, who had just listened to the message on Satanic dreams. She shared her story, where she would normally have a dream of seeing red objectlike, pepper, palm oil or even red clothes. Then her menstrual circle will return and she will start seeing blood. She was asked to pray against fetal eating demons and 3 months after, she took in. As at the time of going to press. She should be in the advance stage of her pregnancy. Praise
the Lord.


Every wicked power flashing a red card to eject and evacuate your pregnancy is arrested now in Jesus’ name.


  • God that answereth by fire, answer me by fire today in the name of Jesus’ name.
  • I refuse to cast my seed before the time in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every fetal eating demon in my life to die by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every witchcraft manipulation of my pregnancy to be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • You spirit of barrenness release me by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • You spirit of abortion and miscarriage, release me by fire in Jesus name.
  • I command every witchcraft pot used to manipulate my womb and reproductive organ to catch fire in Jesus’ name.
  • Any power asking for blood in my father’s house, I raise the blood of Jesus against you, thou shall no longer take the blood of my unborn children in Jesus’ name.


  • Every witchcraft animal pursuing you in your dream shall die by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • Rock of ages 7x. Crush to powder any witchcraft bull and dog sent after you in the name of Jesus.
  • I command every spiritual coffin prepared for your unborn children to catch fire in Jesus’ name.
  • (Instruction: Lay your hands on your reproductive organ)
  • Whatever has been used to block your reproductive organ through food in the dream, be flushed out in the name of Jesus
  • (lay your hands on loins/womb).
  • I command every curse of barrenness and death of the unborn in your life to be broken by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • As from today I challenge your body with Holy Ghost fire, become untouchable for demonic trespass by any sexual demon in Jesus’ name.
  • I command all your unborn children presently in spiritual prisons to be released unto you now by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • I cancel every evil sell out of your unborn children in the spirit in the name of Jesus’ name.
  • I command every curse placed on your spermatozoa/egg to be broken in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every witchcraft meeting where the issue of your conception, pregnancy, and delivery is being monitored to receive the thunder judgment of God in Jesus’ name.
  • Any power manipulating your hormones in order to frustrate conception, pregnancy, and delivery be paralyzed in Jesus’ name.
  • I invoke the anointing of the Hebrew woman to possess you so that to conceive with ease in Jesus’ name.
  • Holy Ghost fire to conceive 7x fall on you now in the name of Jesus.


Matthew 13:25
But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

Matthew 27:19
When he was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him, saying, Have thou nothing to do with that just man: for I have suffered many
things this day in a dream because of him

When a young lady or Young man begins to experience difficulty in finding a suitor. You are likely to be experiencing the following classes of dreams

  • Dream of having wet dreams.
  • Always get married in your dream to strangers.
  • Likely to be experiencing dreams of bedwetting.
  • Being pregnant and breastfeeding children in the dream.
  • Dream of wedding gown or wedding ring being stolen.
  • Dream of losing their pairs of shoes.
  • Finding self in the midst of feces.
  • Seeing shrine, trees, in their dreams.
  • Dream of being caged or chained.


Every embargo placed upon your marital Destiny shall be destroyed in the name of Jesus .

Case 1

A sister used to have this kind of dream every time she begins a new and promising relationship with a man. She would see a man in her dream who comes to rape her and warn her. In real life, she will begin to quarrel with the suitor for no sensible reasons and the relationship is eventually destroyed beyond repairs. She claimed that she had experienced this kind of dream for more than 7 times and such lost more than five prospective


Every dream of sexual harassment shall be terminated in your life in the name of Jesus

Case 2

A sister shared her own story. She had fixed the date of her engagement with her suitor. But 3days to the engagement, she had a dream, where she saw a very furious man who claimed to be her husband warning her of infidelity and threatening to kill her. In real life, she observed that her suitor refused to attend their engagement as planned. She got in touch with him but he could not give any reason, he only confirmed that the marriage will not work and as such he was no longer interested.


Every covenant with spirit husbands and spirit wives shall be destroyed in your life in Jesus .

Case 3

A young lady was close to 33years of age and was not married, even though she had a good job but no man was even interested in taking advantage of her good job. She was given some acidic prayers to pray at 12 midnight. While she was praying in the night at around 2:00 am, she heard the voice of little children wailing at the back of her window. She stopped praying to check outside her window but saw no one, but every time she prayed the prayers, she heard the bitter crying of little children! She was advised to continue the prayers until the wailing stopped. After doing the prayers as instructed, the sister got a suitor that same month and got married the following year. Praise God.


Every covenant with strange spouses is nullified by the blood of Jesus.
Every soul tie to strange children affecting your marital Destiny is destroyed now in Jesus name

Say after me:

  • I break every hidden covenant in my life that is hindering my marital Destiny in Jesus’ name.
  • I reject and denounce every spiritual marriage covenants in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every covering cast over my life to be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • Let every anti-marriage altars in my family affecting my life catch fire in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every token of Spiritual marriage in my life to destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • I command the covenant and stronghold of the spirit husband/wife to be destroyed by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • Any power in the custody of my spiritual wedding ring and wedding gown release them unto me by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every unprofitable spiritual relationship with spirit husband, wives and children to be severed with the sword of God in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every wicked judgment passed against my marriage to be canceled by the blood of Jesus.
  • Any man or woman who has vowed that I shall not marry, be disgraced in Jesus name.
  • Let every mark of disqualification be cleansed by the purging of the Holy Ghost fire in Jesus’ name.
  • By fire, by force, I withdraw my wedding ring from witchcraft prison in Jesus’ name.
  • I command every evil pattern of late-marriage flowing into my life from my mother’s side and father’s side to break totally in the name of Jesus.
  • Let every curse of late and no marriage be broken in my life by fire in Jesus’ name.
  • You strongman in charge of late marriage, collapse and die in Jesus’ name.
  • Blood of Jesus 7x. Wash away every evil mark from my body in Jesus’ name.
  • Blood of Jesus 7x. Wash away every evil aura in Jesus’ name.
  • The dew of heaven 7x. Fall on me and soak me with the splendor and aroma of heaven in Jesus’ name.
  • O Lord, drop the heavenly magnet into my life to magnetize my suitor, no matter the distance in Jesus’ name.
  • Any man or woman that must die for me to marry, what are you waiting for, fall down and die in Jesus name.
  • O Lord, let the angels begin to orchestrate the divine connection to my suitor by fire in Jesus’ name.


The above set of dreams is a clear indication that you are been harassed by the spirit of backwardness, anti-progression and regression. The implication is that you may end up not moving up in the ladder of life.

In other words, you may be stagnated in one position for years while others are gaining promotion and favours.
When you see yourself in your old school or village, it could mean that the source of your problem is rooted in this places.


You need spiritual aggression so as not to compromise your future.

Take time out for a prayer exercise for at least 3 days with fasting. Go to a camp or a mountain, If however you think you can maintain your focus in your room without distractions, then you can make do with your home.


Recite the following prayers while you are on the 3-day prayer program.


  1.  Oh Lord! I have come to you the rock of my defence, defend me today…7x
  2. I hide myself in the cleft of the rock of ages, let me be secured…7x
  3. Oh Lord undertake for me, from my adversaries by fire in Jesus name… 7x
  4. Oh Lord, turn me into hot coals of fire against my adversaries …7x 
  5. Oh Lord, let your angels be on assignment to fight my battles now … 7x
  6. I refuse to lose in the battle of life …7x


  1. I pursue all my stubborn pursuers with thunder and fire in Jesus name…7x
  2. I command all Egyptians to fight against the Egyptians in Jesus name…7x
  3. I send divine confusion into the midst of my pursuers in Jesus name…7x
  4. Oh Lord ordai your terrible noise against my stubborn pursuers in Jesus name…7x
  5. Oh Lord arise and let my enemies be scattered by fire in Jesus name…7x
  6. Catapult me Oh Lord to your mountain of victory.
talking with the dead


This dream may mean any of the following depending on the scenario in the dream. It could mean that the spirit of death has been mandated to have you, especially if the encounter involved an embrace or deep welcome by the dead.

It could also mean that your benefit is being withheld by the demon in charge of the life of the deceased. If you observe that the spirit is avoiding you yet you keep seeing it, it means you are practicing necromancy which the Lord forbids.



Necromancy is a connection with the dead. It is an abomination before God and you must be anfry to cut-off any link you have witih the dead,especially when you notice that you speak with a beloved relative, spouse etc.

Communicating with the dead is actually communicating with demons. For it is appointed for a man to die once and after comes judgement. No spirit comes back but lying and familiar spirits. You must be violent in your prayer approach.

I suggest a 3-day prayer exercise with fasting.


  1. I disengage myself from the land of the dead by fire
  2. I destroy and break every covenant with lying demons of the dead
  3. I reject death, hell and grave in Jesus name
  4. Holy Ghost fire… 7x separate my life from the dead by fire
  5. I declare, I shall not die but live in Jesus name
  6. Let the life of Christ in me swallow death completely
  7. I reject and return any property of the dead in my life by fire!


Be rest assured that there is an evil covenant with the marine spirit, serpentine and leviathan.

Psalm 74:20 warns us about the implications of such evil covenants. You must acknowledge them and destroy them.



  • You must give your life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth if you haven’t done so
  • Go for a 3-day dry fasting or a 7-day normal fasting
  • Reject and denounce and break such evil covenant
  • Invite the Holy Ghost fire to descend upon your foundation
  • Command every demon of such covenants to jump out by fire

eating in the dream


Two interpretations are obvious; pollution and/or initiation. When it is a one-off thing, it is probably a contamination of your spirit, but if it is regular, it points to the fact that such a person has a demonic covenant with some secret societies.

At other times, it could be a demonic attack to introduce a terminal disease into the life of the person.

Prayer Response

  •  I purge myself with the Holy Ghost fire 7x
  • I command demonic night caterers to be roasted by fire
  • I fence myself henceforth with the wall of fire!


The symbol of the dog represents witchcraft in the african setting, and your hands represents your endeavor in life. This dreams means that witchcraft forces are attacking your means of livelihood. If you slack more than necessary the wicked forces will wreak havoc!


  1. O Lord raise your standard against all the witchcraft forces in my life and business in Jesus name.
  2. I command every household witchcraft detailed against my life and business to die by fire in Jesus name
  3. O rock of ages, crush to powder every stubborn power of wickedness hired against my business in Jesus name
  4. Holy Ghost Fire 7x Purge my life and business and let every witchcraft poisons be drained out in Jesus name
  5. Holy Ghost Fire 7x Expose every witchcraft force of wickedness in my life and business in Jesus name
  6. Let every witchcraft poison flowing in my life and business be purged out by the blood of Jesus
  7. I command every witchcraft animals parading my life to die by fire in Jesus name
  8. You power of the dog, lose your hold over my life and business in Jesus name.