Dr. Oladele Olusoga Johnson is a trained banker turned preacher who has put in about a decade into the Banking and Finance industry serving as a senior executive. He is the founder and General Overseer of Jesus Liberation Ministry. A ministry commissioned to deliver Zion Obadiah 1:17 He was instructed by God to go on a 7 day retreat where God further instructed him to pray for the understanding of dreams, riddles, enigmas, parables and dark sayings.
During one of the nights, he saw in his dream an elderly man in white who laid hands on him. He woke up from that encounter with the gifts of understanding of dreams, riddles and parables.
Dr Dele Johnson has since been used by God to help multitudes understand and interpret their dreams. He has also authored several books aimed at helping believers take charge of their dream life. He is also a convener of several conferences on dreams and interpretations.

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